Behind Eilam.Quins;

eilam.quins; is a Maltese enterprise formed in 2015 by Ryan Quintano and William Hayman, whose friendship budded since early adolescence. Through this initiative Ryan and William seek to merge their individual academic skills and capabilities onto various projects that aim at encouraging reflective growth on an individual basis and as a community, accentuating the potentially undervalued skill of active listening.

About Us

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Ryan Quintano currently works as a software developer in a credit card company and develops websites and web related applications for his own personal clientele. As a technology aficionado, Ryan prioritises in keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field, striving towards equipping himself with the best of tools to utilise in each of his projects and ventures.

In adding to his vast portfolio of experience and growth, Ryan enjoys experimenting with various programming languages and technologies in order to be able to discern and focus on specific technologies that might suit each individual project best, ensuring quality, performance and robustness. Expressly, his professional approach entails in writing the cleanest of codes by adhering to the most generalised coding practices.

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William Hayman presently serves as a counsellor and lecturer in local institutions. In his professional roles, William strives to provide others the opportunity to be heard through various mediums, ranging from individual sessions, lectures, and reflexive writing.

His professional approach aims at providing others the opportunity to be heard and actively listen to one’s own inner thoughts through an eclectic approach founded on a strong Rogerian basis. Through his studies and employment William gained extensive experience in working with a range of age groups and presenting issues that ranged from bereavement, dealing with change, depression, familial concerns and other matters.