The rewritten li{f}e; is the first of many projects envisioned by eilam.quins;. The notion is to provide users the opportunity to form narratives that are inspired and generated through personal reflexivity and experience. Each written project is guided through the user’s own feedback.

By creating and sharing narratives and reflections, we at eilam.quins; desire to contain the essence of humanity’s experience and to project it further towards additional growth and understanding. Your contributions and donations will allow us to broaden our audience through different mediums including books, a vaster collection of narratives and interactive online literature.

We thank you for your trust and support. Your involvement will certainly serve us all as an important measure in this humanistic journey in writing. Thank you for your interest, for reading the narratives others have already contributed, and also for creating your own.

eilam.quins; Updates

More features to come in the near future, including a Writing and a Compendium section, along with more details on eilam.quins; other projects and the team behind it.

Until then, please find a timeline of our recent and impending updates:

Timeline - Completed Tasks:

1) Started to dominate social media:

2) Launched website (the same one you’re on) and added the update and the contact us section.

Timeline - Remaining Tasks:

1) Expose ourselves to the general public through the About Us section / Behind eilam.quins; + Personal information on the minds that make eilam.quins; (COMPLETED)

2) Grant admittance to our archived compendium to the general public that entails your own contributions; (COMPLETED)

3) Present the create your own story option that entails reflexive questions whilst granting access to you, our beloved community; (Q2 2018)

Thank you for your patience and constant support.

Contact Eilam.Quins;

At eilam.quins; we strongly believe and emphasize on the importance of feedback. Should you have any queries, suggestions and any other related feedback, kindly fill in this simple form to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you esteemed readers and creators as we continue to establish our ever-growing community.